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Score big with Leeds Minibus Hire's tailored transport for sports events. Whether you're a fan, team, or organizer, our dedicated minibus and coach services ensure a seamless journey. With a fleet for all needs, trust us for a victorious game day.

Airport Minibus Transfers Yorkshire

Airport Minibus Transfers

Our dedicated minibus services ensure stress-free transportation to and from airports, promising punctuality and a smooth travel experience. Whether you're traveling solo or in a group, trust us to make your airport transfer as pleasant as your destination.

Wedding Minibus Hire Yorkshire

Wedding Transport

Elevate your wedding day with Leeds Minibus Hire. Our elegant minibuses ensure a seamless and stylish journey for the entire party. Trust us for a touch of sophistication. Contact us for memorable wedding day transport.

Minibus Airport Transfers Leeds
12 Seater Minibus Hire Leeds
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"Fantastic service from Leeds Minibus Hire! Smooth journey, clean and comfy minibus, and a courteous driver. Highly recommend for reliable and comfortable transportation!"

Anne Miller

Minibus hire with drivers


The best minibus hire service with drivers in Leeds & Bradford.

Leeds Minibus Hire provides 8 to 16-seater minibuses with drivers. Our affordable minibus hire service is popular among the people of Leeds, West Yorkshire, for travel to airports, sporting events, weddings, and various other occasions.

12 Seater Minibus Hire Leeds

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Leeds Minibus Hire

Welcome to Leeds Minibus Hire – your premier transportation partner for a seamless and comfortable journey across the vibrant city of Leeds and its surrounding areas. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets us apart, ensuring you experience the epitome of reliable and luxurious travel.

Serving All Areas in Leeds: At Leeds Minibus Hire, we pride ourselves on catering to every corner of Leeds, offering unparalleled transportation services in diverse locations such as Otley, Selby, and beyond. Whether you’re exploring the historic charm of Otley or the picturesque landscapes of Selby, our minibus fleet is at your service.

Fleet of Comfort and Style: Choose from our extensive range of meticulously maintained minibuses, designed to meet your specific needs. Our 8-seater minibus provides an intimate setting for small groups, while our 16-seater minibus is perfect for larger gatherings. Each minibus in our fleet, including the 10-seater, 12-seater, and 14-seater options, boasts a perfect blend of comfort, style, and advanced amenities.

Professional Drivers, Seamless Journeys: At Leeds Minibus Hire, we understand that the journey is as important as the destination. That’s why we employ a team of highly skilled and professional drivers, committed to ensuring your safety and comfort throughout the trip. Relax and enjoy the scenery as our drivers navigate the roads with precision and expertise with minibus hire Leeds.

Leeds Minibus Hire: Elevate your travel experience with Leeds Minibus Hire, your go-to transportation solution in the heart of Yorkshire. Enjoy the convenience of a well-maintained fleet and professional drivers for a journey that exceeds expectations.

Otley Minibus Service: Explore the historic charm of Otley with our specialized Otley Minibus Service. Immerse yourself in the local beauty while our 12-seater minibus provides the perfect blend of comfort and style for your group.

Selby Group Transportation: Unleash the potential of hassle-free group travel in Selby with our Selby Group Transportation service. Our 14-seater minibus, accompanied by professional drivers, ensures a seamless journey as you discover the picturesque landscapes of Selby.

8 Seater Minibus Leeds: For intimate gatherings and small group outings in Leeds, our 8-seater minibus offers the perfect solution. Experience the city’s attractions with unparalleled comfort and convenience.

10 Seater Minibus Hire: Need a bit more space for your group? Opt for our 10-seater minibus hire service, providing a luxurious and spacious ride for your journey around Leeds and beyond.

12 Seater Minibus Service Otley: Dive into the historical allure of Otley with our specialized 12-seater minibus service. Comfortably accommodate your group while our professional drivers navigate the roads with precision.

14 Seater Minibus Selby: Discover the beauty of Selby with our 14-seater minibus, designed for group excursions. Enjoy the scenic views as our experienced drivers ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.

Comfortable 16 Seater Minibus Leeds: When it comes to larger groups, our 16-seater minibus in Leeds is the epitome of comfort and space. Travel in style and luxury as you explore the vibrant city and its surroundings.

Professional Minibus Drivers Yorkshire: Trust your journey to the hands of our professional minibus drivers in Yorkshire. Ensuring safety and comfort, our drivers bring a wealth of experience to your travel, making your trip not just a destination but a memorable part of your overall experience.

Embark on a journey of unparalleled comfort and convenience with Leeds Minibus Hire. Whether it’s a corporate event, a family outing, or a group excursion, trust us to make your travel experience memorable and stress-free. Book your minibus today and let us elevate your journey to new heights!

Leeds Minibus Hire

Leeds Minibus Hire welcomes you to a journey of comfort and convenience, providing unrivaled transportation services across the diverse neighborhoods of Leeds. Our fleet of minibuses, coupled with professional drivers, ensures a memorable and stress-free exploration of the city’s unique districts.

1. Leeds City Centre: Navigate the bustling heart of Leeds with ease. Our minibus fleet, ranging from 8 to 16 seater minibuses, guarantees a comfortable and stylish journey as you explore the vibrant cultural and shopping hubs of the city center.

2. Headingley: Enjoy group outings to Headingley’s trendy cafes and sports venues. Our 12-seater minibus, equipped with modern amenities, is perfect for ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride to this lively suburb.

3. Roundhay: Embrace the greenery of Roundhay Park with Leeds Minibus Hire. Our 14-seater minibus is ideal for group trips to this picturesque area, ensuring everyone travels in comfort while taking in the natural beauty.

4. Horsforth: Experience the charm of Horsforth’s historic architecture and local attractions. Our 10-seater minibus offers a cozy and intimate setting, making it perfect for family outings or small group excursions.

5. Chapel Allerton: Navigate the trendy streets of Chapel Allerton in style. Our 8-seater minibus is perfect for smaller groups, offering a personalized and comfortable journey to explore the eclectic mix of shops and eateries.

6. Armley: Travel to Armley’s industrial and residential areas effortlessly. Our professional drivers ensure a safe and smooth ride, allowing you to focus on your activities, whether it’s business meetings or leisurely exploration.

7. Burley: Discover Burley’s diverse community with Leeds Minibus Hire. Our 16-seater minibus is spacious and luxurious, providing ample room for larger groups to travel comfortably to this up-and-coming area.

8. Beeston: Explore Beeston’s rich cultural heritage with our minibus services. Our fleet is equipped to handle the transportation needs of groups of any size, ensuring a hassle-free journey to this vibrant suburb.

9. Holbeck: Connect with the historical charm of Holbeck using our professional minibus services. Our drivers are well-versed in navigating the area, ensuring you arrive at your destination promptly and comfortably.

10. Hyde Park: Experience the student-friendly atmosphere of Hyde Park with our 10-seater minibus. Ideal for university trips or social gatherings, our minibuses offer a blend of comfort and convenience.

Leeds Minibus Hire takes pride in providing tailored transportation solutions across Leeds’ diverse neighborhoods. Book your minibus today for a journey that combines comfort, style, and the exploration of the unique character each district has to offer.

Embark on a Day of Exploration in Leeds with Leeds Minibus Hire:

Start your day in Leeds by exploring its dynamic attractions, and let Leeds Minibus Hire be your reliable transportation partner for a seamless journey.

Daytime Adventures: Visit the renowned museums such as the Royal Armouries or delve into history at the Thackray Medical Museum. Our minibuses, ranging from 8 to 16 seaters, ensure your group travels comfortably to each destination, absorbing the cultural richness Leeds has to offer.

Sports Enthusiasts’ Paradise: For sports enthusiasts, Leeds boasts thriving teams and grounds. Catch a thrilling rugby match at Headingley Stadium or support Leeds United at Elland Road. Our transportation services are designed for sports fans, providing a hassle-free journey to and from the game.

Parks and Recreation: Explore the greenery of Roundhay Park or take a leisurely stroll through Hyde Park. Our minibuses offer a convenient mode of transportation, allowing you to make the most of your day in the city’s beautiful parks and recreational areas.

Nightlife Extravaganza: As the sun sets, Leeds comes alive with a vibrant nightlife. Experience the eclectic blend of bars and clubs in districts like Call Lane or Greek Street. Our professional drivers ensure a safe journey back to your accommodation, allowing you to indulge in the city’s nightlife without worry.

Culinary Delights: Discover Leeds’ diverse culinary scene in areas like Granary Wharf or Trinity Kitchen. Our minibus services provide the flexibility to explore different neighbourhoods, ensuring you can savor the best of Leeds’ gastronomic offerings.

Cultural Exploration: For those inclined towards culture, visit Leeds’ theaters or art galleries, such as the Leeds Playhouse or the Leeds Art Gallery. Our minibuses are equipped to transport your group to each cultural hub with ease.

Support Local Sports: Leeds is passionate about its sports, and our minibuses are ready to transport your group to cheer on teams like Leeds Rhinos or Yorkshire CCC. Experience the electric atmosphere of the games without worrying about transportation logistics.

Pubs and Bars Tour: Embark on a pub crawl through Leeds’ historic pubs or trendy bars. Our minibuses ensure a safe journey between each venue, allowing you to enjoy the vibrant pub culture without the concern of driving.

Leeds Minibus Hire is your gateway to an all-encompassing experience in Leeds. From daytime explorations to vibrant nightlife, cultural adventures, and sports spectacles, our transportation services cater to every aspect of your itinerary. Book with us for a seamless, enjoyable journey through the diverse offerings of Leeds.

We redefine airport transportation with a fleet of comfortable minibuses ranging from 6 to 16 seaters with drivers. Our services cover major airports across the UK, ensuring a seamless and stress-free journey for groups of any size, including Leeds Bradford Airport, Manchester Airport, London Heathrow Airport, Birmingham Airport, and Glasgow Airport.

Leeds Bradford Airport: Arrive or depart from Leeds Bradford Airport in style with our reliable minibus services. Our professional drivers and a diverse fleet, including 14-seater minibuses, guarantee a smooth and efficient transfer, making your journey to and from the airport a breeze.

Manchester Airport: Extend your travels to Manchester Airport with Leeds Minibus Hire. Choose from our range of minibuses, including 10-seaters, for a comfortable journey. Let us handle the transportation logistics, providing convenience and style for your group.

London Heathrow Airport: For those heading to or from London Heathrow Airport, our spacious and comfortable minibuses, including 16-seaters, offer a reliable solution for group transportation. Experience the ease of travel with our professional services to one of the world’s busiest airports.

Birmingham Airport: Navigate your way to Birmingham Airport stress-free with Leeds Minibus Hire. Our fleet, accommodating groups of all sizes, ensures a smooth transfer to this major airport. Enjoy the journey with the assurance that our professional drivers have your airport transportation needs covered.

Glasgow Airport: Discover the beauty of Glasgow with our seamless transfer services to and from Glasgow Airport. Our minibuses cater to groups large and small, offering a comfortable and stress-free journey, including 8-seater options. Let us take care of your transportation, allowing you to focus on enjoying your trip.

Leeds Minibus Hire is your dedicated partner for convenient and reliable airport transportation across the UK. Book your minibus today and experience travel comfort and convenience tailored to your group’s needs.

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