Devastating Discovery: Burnt-Out Minibuses Leave Hampshire School Community in Disbelief

Over the Easter weekend, two separate primary schools in Hampshire faced a distressing ordeal as their minibuses were stolen and later discovered burnt out in a nearby village, devastating children and parents alike.

Local authorities were alerted when the vehicles were found abandoned in a field in Bramley, near Basingstoke, by the police.

This heartbreaking development means that hundreds of children from both schools will now be deprived of essential activities such as swimming classes, field trips, and sports fixtures until replacement vehicles can be arranged.

The first incident occurred at Whitewater CE Primary School in Hook, where a minibus was stolen between 9 am on Sunday, March 31, and 2 pm on Monday, April 1.

In another distressing occurrence, a minibus was stolen from the premises of Great Binfields Primary School in Chineham, between 6 pm on Sunday, March 31, and midday on Monday, April 1.

Concern arose among staff on Easter Monday when they noticed the school car park gates were left ajar, leading to the unsettling discovery of the missing minibus.

Expressing deep empathy for the children affected, Assistant Headteacher Michelle Holdsworth described the incident as devastating.

Currently, the school is actively evaluating quotes for a replacement minibus, aiming to swiftly address the disruption caused.

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